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Turbocharge Your Interactive Grid

Last updated on August 2, 2020

Why should users have to wade through 63 functons? Here are the top 10!

In my last post, I suggested several ways to learn APEX if you come from a non-developer background or from a Business / Functional Oracle Applications space.  A key recommendation to kickstart your learning was to learn the 12+ major features of Interactive Reports (IR).  And for bonus points, learn the SQL functions within the Compute feature of IR. 

Why are Interactive Reports so important and impactful?  Here’s a quick list of how my enterprise customers directly benefit from IR: 

  • Users customize the layout of the standard IR by filtering to just the the data and columns they want to see.  They save their own versions of these reports so they can quickly refer to them while they go on about their business operations. 
  • In addition to filtering what they want to see in an IR, users also create rules and computations to automatically find and highlight exceptions in their reports. 
  • Users download, print and email IR into PDF, CSV Excel or Word format multiple times throughout the week. 
  • Some users present the data in their IR as pivot tables, charts or graphs for team meetings.

On my last project, I put together a ‘cheat sheet’ for end users listing all 63 SQL functions within the Compute feature.   It’s available here for your reference.   

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